Ponencia aceptada por el CES at Columbia University

El Council for European Studies at Columbia University ha aceptado la ponencia del profesor Enric Castelló para su próximo congreso en Amsterdam en 2013.

Mediatization, crisis and self-determination: the pragmatic framing in the context of the political conflict between Spain and Catalonia

Enric Castelló, Universitat Rovira i Virgili

This paper is a theoretical contribution grounded on previous research on media frames of the political and territorial conflicts between nation states and stateless nations. The author exposes a set of case studies, specially focused on regional tensions, and explains how the pragmatic and symbolic frames do work in a given political conflict. Then, the author applies this to the current political conflict between Spain and Catalonia.

The mediatization of the conflict is a fundamental factor to understand the feedback and feeding between identities, conflict and communication. This process, already studied and applied to other social and political issues, especially acts articulating a set of narratives of conflict, which can evolve to fruitful scenarios of democratic progress, but also can took a useless and eroding form.

Despite the common understanding that nationalists’ claims are firmly rooted in symbolic argumentations and frames, the author defends that in the current financial crisis –and specifically in the Western European democratic scenarios (read Scotland, Flanders and Catalonia)– the self-determination rationale take a neatly pragmatic position which move the unionist discourse to a more symbolic sphere. The main argument is that the discourse backing self-determination colonizes the pragmatic framing of the conflict.

During the session, the author offers a set of cases and data to illustrate how the pragmatic frames and the mediatization of the conflict act, especially in the context of the conflict between Spain and Catalonia, but also with examples from the Scottish and Flemish contexts.



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